„I don’t think art has to be complicated and profound.
I want to prove that art can be simple in its form but still be an eye-catching experience.“

I’m a digital art creator currently studying Illustration at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. My experience with digital art first began at age thirteen when (after saving enough money) I bought my first graphic tablet. It was from that point on that I became obsessed with digital art. For years, I kept my passion for art as a hobby because I was certain that I could never make a living out of it. However, after enrolling into an architecture program and realizing the lack of passion I had for it, I decided to quit my studies to pursue art full time and unleash my creativity. Do whatever you love now, instead of something you won’t for the rest of your life.

Nowadays, I can be found working on various projects, aiming to challenge myself every day.

When I’m not busy working on paintings, you can find me in the kitchen stuffing my face with food.